Become a Lavon Skincare Member

LaVon Skin Care Facial Membership makes it easy and affordable to experience and enjoy the benefits of routine, customized treatments at price that is easy to keep up with. Having a consistent facial and skin care schedule will not only show improvements in your skin but also maintains and keep skin looking fabulous and healthy! The LaVon Skin Care Facial Membership auto-renews monthly, for a minimum of 8 months. You can cancel it anytime, just let us know 30 days in advance. There is no fee to join so sign up today!

Beauty that’s natural

2 Customized Facial Treatments ($350 value)


This custom treatment will address all of your skin care needs through innovative services such as:

Diamond Peel/Microdermabrasion : advanced exfoliation to stimulate skin cells, reduce fine lines, and lighten age spots
Bio-Light LED Therapy : a range of colored LED lights treat different skin conditions related to aging, acne, and sensitivity.
Micro-current Treatment : stimulates facial muscles to plump and tighten skin
Radio-Frequency Treatment : detoxifies skin, improves circulation, stimulates collagen, tightens skin, and helps with lymphatic drainage
Ultra-Sonic Skin Scrubber w/ High Frequency : Quickly and thoroughly eliminates dirt and oil, purifies pores and kills bacteria on skin
15% off all skin care product purchases
15% off all gift card purchases
15% off all additional services + treatment add-ons
(including chemical peel, face/body contour, micro-needling, Hydrafacial, body scrubs, microblading/permanent makeup, stem cells infusion, glutathione IV treatments, paraffin hand treatments, etc.)

This skin care maintenance program is guaranteed to change the way you feel about your skin!


For more information on how to set up your membership, please contact us at
(562) 213-6322 or (562) 402-SKIN (7546)

Frequently Asked Questions

When does my card get charged for Auto-pay?

Your card will get charged on the same date of every month. Your first payment will be in person and you will continue to be charged each month that you are a member. After that date each month, you will have a credit on your account and can redeem it anytime before your next billing cycle. Your card will continue to be charged unless you cancel your membership.

Can I upgrade my service?

Yes! If you would like to upgrade your service, simply book the service of your choice. Your upgraded services + 15% discount will be owed and paid at checkout.

What if I want additional facials/treatments per month?

You can have as many treatments as you want! After you take advantage of the 2 free treatments as a member benefit, any additional treatment will be 15% off.

Can I share my monthly facial with a family member or friend?

Membership is non-transferrable and benefits are exclusive to the member only. However, if you refer a friend and they purchase a membership you will receive $15 off your next monthly payment!

Do my benefits roll over from month to month?

Since the intention of the membership is for you to come in at least twice a month to have and maintain healthy looking skin, monthly credits do not roll over to the next month and must be used before your next billing cycle